Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

We try to keep our terms and conditions as simple and fair as possible.

JCC Driving School Instructors are self-employed, and payment for tuition is to be made directly to the Instructor.

  1. Students must hold a current car driving licence. In the UK this allows persons aged 17 and over to drive a car on public roads, but the age is lowered to 16 years old for registered disabled students.

  2. Students must inform their driving instructor immediately if they receive any endorsements on their licence during the period they are receiving tuition.

  3. In order to provide driving lessons we will require some personal information including your name, address and contact details. This information will be held on a secure IT system, along with details of your progress. By booking lessons you consent to this information being held by JCC Driving School and your instructor. This will not be made available outside JCC Driving School without your express consent. We sometimes employ outside companies to provide services on our behalf (For example Theory Test Pro) and minimal information will be shared with these organisations only if you give permission for us to do so. For full details please see our Privacy Policy.

  4. Payment for lessons should be made in advance, unless a prior agreement has been made with the instructor. Payments may be made in cash, by bank transfer, or by card (the vehicles are equipped with card readers). We do not accept cheques.

  5. If a student wishes to cancel a lesson at least 24 hours notice is required. If the lesson is cancelled at short notice the student is liable for the whole cost of the lesson at the Instructor's discretion. Students should realise that learning to drive is a life skill which requires dedication and commitment. Students who do not show the required levels of commitment (for example by habitually cancelling booked lessons without good reason, or having only occassional infrequent lessons) may be asked to find another instructor.

  6. Although we will try to keep the cost of lessons the same throughout the course we reserve the right to change the hourly rate charged if necessary. We will provide adequate prior notice if this becomes necessary.

  7. The length of the lesson is to be agreed between the student and the instructor at the time the lesson is booked. If, for any reason outside the Instructor’s control, it is not possible to deliver the full duration of a driving lesson any remaining time will be added to a later driving lesson.

  8. Instructors reserve the right to rearrange lessons at short notice in the event of mechanical breakdown or other difficulty outside their control.

  9. Students must pass the DVSA eyesight check before starting their driving lessons. Instructors are required to cancel driving lessons should students fail this assessment.

  10. Instructors will refuse to proceed with a driving lesson if he or she has reason to believe that a student is in any way under the influence of drink or drugs.

  11. Instructors will endeavour to teach their students the correct driving skills according to the recommended syllabus issued by the DVSA within the minimum number of driving lessons required.

  12. Students should be aware that their Instructor’s primary objective is to promote road safety and in doing so, they may be required to take control of the vehicle. Instructors will make every effort to instruct students to the highest standards, but can in no way be held liable for any errors that students may make whilst driving unaccompanied by their Instructor, either before or after passing their driving test.

  13. The Instructor will accept no liability for accidents, injury or damage to any Third Party caused by the student’s recklessness or negligence during a lesson.

  14. Driving tests should only be arranged with the prior agreement of both the Instructor and the student. Instructors reserve the right to withhold the use of their tuition vehicle for a driving test. Driving tests should only be arranged when both the student and the instructor agree they are "test ready". It is against DVSA rules for an Instructor to allow a student to present for a driving test if they are not at the required standard.

  15. Students must make a payment to their Instructor for use of their tuition vehicle and time spent travelling to and from the test centre and any pre-test tuition for a driving test. Payment for sitting a practical driving test is paid directly to the DVSA when the test is booked, however this does not include the use of a tuition vehicle.

  16. Students may use their own vehicle for driving lessons with one of our instructors. Before an Instructor agrees to this he must be satisfied that the student is capable of driving a vehicle not equipped with dual controls by undertaking a driving skill assessment. If the Instructor feels the student is not ready to drive their own vehicle he will refuse to accompany the student. Students use their own vehicle at their own risk.

  17. Students using their own vehicle must ensure the vehicle is in a road-worthy condition and is fault-free. It must meet all current legislation and must have a current MOT and the student must be named on the Insurance Policy as a driver as a learner driver. The vehicle must be taxed. The Instructor will need to see relevent documentation to confirm these conditions are met. The vehicle must meet the standards set by DVSA for the practical driving test.

  18. Nothing in these Terms and Conditions will affect any statutory rights you may have as a consumer.

  19. JCC Driving School reserves the right to change and amend these Terms and Conditions at any time. In the event that any changes are made, the revised Terms and Conditions shall be posted on jccdrivingschool.co.uk and current students will be notified using the contact details held. Whenever possible we will give at least 28 days notice of any changes.

JCC Driving School respects your privacy. Any personal data you provide will be stored securely and will not be shared with third parties without your consent. Please see our Privacy Policy page